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Wednesday, October 28, 2015


Who doesn't dream of adventure in this vast world?! 
                      - I definitely do! 

I love, love, love and love history! I love traveling! I love to read about traveling and I love planning to travel! The only thing about traveling that blows corn hole is the travel time- UGH! The whole packing up and traveling to the destination sucks... Except for when the scenery is phenomenal- however rare it may be. 

A few of my adventures, thus far, have been locally within the 'oh, so wonderful' state of South Carolina. -_- 

To be honest growing up in South Carolina has been not the greatest. Why you ask, when there are beautiful beaches and the historic Downtown area... Those places are only so thrilling the first two trips- after that BORE!

The rest of growing up in South Carolina sucked because you needed a car to travel any where! Only recently did we have a bus system added to the infrastructure. The bus only takes you to places within the metropolis. 

Once I got a car South Carolina became... somewhat "attractive". The beer goggles have been on for about eight years now; I am getting more drunk now due to discovering hidden gems across the state. 

I managed to create a map that maps out future destination spots, and spots that I have ventured out to. The map includes coordinates, some photographs (so that I know what I'm looking for), and information (like if I need permission or it's too 'dangerous' to go out to). Can you tell that I am a bit obsessed with this map? Then you are correct! There are days where I'm spending over thirteen or fourteen hours researching and plotting places on the lovely map. 

As everyone knows there's always a story behind the camera- there are some pretty funny stories leading up to my friends and myself venturing out to these sites. There are also not so funny moments too (I might share those). 

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Favorite Sites (So Far)

  • Appleby's Methodist Church, St.George, SC
  • Bethany Cemetery, Charleston, SC
  • Old Charleston Coal Tipper, Charleston, SC
  • Old Sheldon Church, Yemassee, SC
  • Old Stone House, Winnsboro, SC
  • Prince Frederick Chapel, Georgetown, SC

Anxiously Awaiting to Visit

  • Blackstock Abandoned Cemetery, Fort Mill,SC
  • Milledgeville, GA
  • Patapsco Valley State Park, Elliot City, MD
  • Stumphouse Tunnel Rd, Wallahalla, SC
  • Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum, Weston, WV
  • Waverly Hills Sanatorium, Louisville, KY
  • West Virginia Penitentiary, Moundsville, WV